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EMI Shielding, EMI Gaskets

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National Power & Signal Robotic Form in Place Technologies

National Power & Signal offers automated dispensing for a complete range of EMI compounds directly on to metal or non-metallic housings, cover plates and any machined, cast or injection molded parts that are used in medium to high volume applications. The multi axis robotic systems can be programmed to apply a gasket bead as small as 0.025” in diameter.

The automated dispensing technology has been designed to be exceptionally cost effective combined with fast prototyping and production deliveries. A shielding effectiveness of up to 90 dB can be achieved within a frequency range of 20 MHz to 10.0 GHz.

The conductive fillers used in silicone elastomers that are available for automated gasket dispensing are: Silver Plated Copper, Silver, Silver Plated Aluminum, Silver Plated Glass, Silver Plated Nickel, Nickel Plated Graphite and Gold.

Primary benefits for the customer, The gasket material is dispensed directly onto the part or substrate. Automated dispensing is suitable for all custom design applications.

It has proven to be an excellent alternative or replacement where conventional die cut gasket technologies cannot be applied.


Hot Air Vulcanization Curing Process for Robotic Form in Place Compounds that have been dispensed onto the substrate material.


National Power & Signal utilizes a series of specially designed heat chambers to increase the cure time of the Form in Place compounds.


Cure Time Temperature
10 min. 70* C
7 min. 75* C
4 min. 80* C
3 min. 90* C
1 min. 150* C

National Power & Signal Conductive Compounds for Robotic Form in Place Applications

Two component electrically conductive silicone materials are filled with Silver Plated Copper or Nickel, Nickel Graphite and Gold powder and an adhesive compound that is thermally and electrically conductive.

The primary purpose of this material is for design requirements that have the need for bonding, EMI shielding and environmental sealing. These compounds have excellent electrical and thermal conductive properties and low out gassing characteristics. These compounds have been developed specifically for Robotic Form in Place applications.